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Listen to Jill’s professional voice-over audio samples, for a variety of genres, below. Please also view the voice-over video samples on the home page.

COMMERCIALS & PROMOS (PBS Signature Voice samples, ESPN, Trader Joe’s, NPT and then some!):


E-LEARNING (K-12, college, professionals) in science, reading, history, math, music:


ESL (requires clear diction, pronunciation & moderate expression):


CHARACTER VOICES (animals, kids, ‘tweens, games, adver-gaming, series work and animations):


E-TRAINING/BUSINESS/MEDICAL (requires a variety of approaches: corporate, educational, tutorial, etc.):


DIALOGUES / BUSINESS & HUMOR (scenarios with other voice talent):


NARRATION / DOCUMENTARY (compelling approaches to health, the environment, sports, films, etc.):


KIDS PROMOS / JUST FOR FUN (kid-friendly promos and encouraging creative content):


JINGLES / VOCALS (versatile range, style and approach for various demographics):