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jill_colorI was born of quite remarkable parents who imbued all of their offspring with a love of music and life!

And I admit, I inherited great ears, a great sense of time and a real love of my work – in both music and voice-overs. My parents were also sticklers for impeccable diction, which I thank them for to this day.

The On-camera piece came in to play as a natural third element. I’ve had plenty of time on-stage in theatre and in live vocal performance. It’s like home to me.

Once I set my sights on Boston and got to know the musical community as well as the business community there, I found myself in fertile territory to further develop these talents; jingle houses, production studios, the WBZ-TV newsroom, playing clubs all over New England; continuously allowing my singing to inform my voice-over work, and my voice-over work to inform my singing. They dovetail beautifully.

A real highlight of my voice-over training has been working with Bob Bergen (the voice of Looney Tunes, Pixar characters, and many many more) for character voice training.

I thrive on sharing these talents with other creative, talented people. Need I say more?