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Hear what Creatives are saying about Jill Connolly @!

quotemarksJill is totally proactive and provides exceptional support. She thinks like a producer, has the eye of a copywriter, runs her own studio and utilizes a range of approaches – from subtle to dynamic & expressive – which is why we use her for a variety of VO projects. We’ve worked with her for years now, and will continue to do so. We wholly recommend Jill Connolly.

Allison Shirrell
SEO and Senior Content Mgr.


quotemarksJill Connolly is by far one of the most talented professionals in the voiceover field I have ever encountered. She is always well-prepared and breezes through any material we give her with speed and accuracy. She has a keen sense of pacing and her delivery is always spot-on.

You can count on Jill, her easygoing manner and her can-do attitude. We simply love working with her!

Elisa Dugundji Friedman
Senior Content Designer, Corporate Learning

Harvard Business Publishing

quotemarksWe require top-notch people up and down our ranks: that’s why we call on Jill. She’s not only a great voice talent, she’s a wonderful communicator, asks the right questions, is extremely organized and handles editing and technical issues, all without a hitch. Our clients love her voice – and ask us to continue using her. As a busy producer and project manager, Jill’s just what I need: I look forward to opportunities to work with her over and over again.

Jennifer Wilson
Sr. Project Manager & Producer

Six Red Marbles

quotemarksI work with a lot of voice talent, and can safely say that there are very few who can occupy that rare air up there, at the top of the profession. Yes, Jill is the consummate professional, but it goes much, much deeper than that. She will take the time to understand and interpret, so that she actually “gets it” – however intangible and elusive that ‘it’ quality may be to the rest of us. I can’t recommend her highly enough . . .

David Porter
Executive Producer/Audio Post Sr. Engineer

Mix One Studios, Inc. Boston, MA

quotemarksPerfect!! She’s The One! What a voice!” That’s precisely what I thought when I first heard Jill’s voice at the time I was searching for that perfect voice to represent our brand of television in major corporate underwriting and Station IDs for Nashville Public Television. Casting for what will be the voice of the brand is no different from casting for a major film role. You keep searching and searching for the right fit. And when you find it, you know in a matter of seconds. Also, Jill is one of the most client focused talent I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Brian O’Neill
Director of Brand Mgmt & Creative

Nashville Public TV

quotemarksOne of the great challenges I have as a writer is to work with a professional voice talent who can understand and deliver the quality and subtleties that I hear in my own head when I write a script. Jill has that talent and it’s wonderful. She hears her own voice so well, and has her own portfolio of voices inside her to draw upon. That is her gift and my pleasure as we work to create something exceptional for our clients. All I need now is to write a script that requires her laugh.

Stan Bornstein

DB&R Agency, Boston MA

quotemarksJill has worked directly with HitPoint Studios for the past few years and does everything from Business and E-learning to Cartoons and Game Character voices. She’s also a beautiful Jazz singer. She is a real pleasure to work with and just incredibly talented. So if you’re on the lookout for good VO talent, you’ve got to call Jill.

Pat King
Chief Engineer and Casting

HitPoint Studios

quotemarksOnce again, Jill you’re a big hit – the execs were thrilled! Thanks so much for your huge contribution, your flexibility and for truly making it easy for us.

Greg Welch
Sr. VP/Brand Strategy

State Street Corporation

quotemarksWhen you record our complicated tutorials, I’m always amazed by how convincing you sound. I know that this assurance translates directly to our customers’ confidence in our products. Jill, you’re the best! Thanks so much.

Marsha Finley
Sr. Writer & Producer

Pearson Education

quotemarksJill is SO much more than a “voice-over” artist. My latest modus operandi is to have Jill “foreshadow” my presentations by having her write, record and post-produce a :60 that captures the essence of the promotional campaign I’m proposing; just leveraged this strategy to executives at Ford Motor Company and it was a tremendous success. I sent her my thoughts on Saturday (of a holiday weekend) and received the final cut on Sunday evening.

I am very accomplished at presenting ideas. However, Jill helps me “find my voice” in a manner and style that exceeds my capabilities and complements my core creative. Best of all, she’s a completely “turnkey” resource. I can call or e-mail Jill, give her an overview of my ideas and presentation, the final creative arrives – and it’s always stellar.

Stephen Warshaw
Facilitator: Ideas, projects and growth strategies.

quotemarksI have worked with Jill for years now, and recording with her is a breeze! From small sessions for broadcast, to recording hundreds of lines per session for education projects, Jill is always spot on, prepared, enthusiastic and a joy to work with. Her professionalism shines through in all the projects she takes on (not to mention she has a smile you can even hear virtually). If you’re looking for an effortless recording session with a total pro, fast turnaround times, and even want to hear a remarkable laugh, Jill is the one to call.

Katie Tusch
FableVision, Inc.